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TLC's Equitable Care Philosophy:

Basically, pay what you can, how you can and when you can. 

I have found this a better use of  resources and time than spending hours arguing with insurance companies who want to pay only a portion of the billed amount. 

I believe this is a fair, attainable and equitable way to provide lactation support to the communities that TLC serves. 


Here's How It Works:

I accept cash, credit card, Venmo,  payments plans, sliding scale, barter or trade for my services. 

Prices are listed below based on current market value: I  accept payment plans based on your assessment of your own funds.

For Barter or Trade: The client assigns a value to something they want to trade and the trade is mutually agreed upon

No one will be turned away based on inability  to pay, but I do not offer free services.  Everyone has something to contribute, even if the monetary value is minimal.  I believe this is mutually respectful for the provider and client. 

Please contact me with any questions or concerns. 

Examples of items to trade: Fish/Game, Homemade Bread, Local Preserved foods like spruce tip syrup, House Plants, Artwork, Time/Services, Lessons in something you are skilled at, a boat ride, ghost writing etc. 


Discounts Available when you book a class and a home visit!

Lactation Support

New Client- Initial Home Visit ~180

  • 1.5-2 hours Includes:

  • Thorough assessment of parent/infant dyad by an Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultant

  •  Detailed written care plan and phone or email follow up if needed 

  • Referral if needed

  • Communication of assessments with PCP if desired. 

Established Client Visits ~45/30min

Email and Phone support at no charge. 


Weight Check Only ~10

Free for established clients

Telehealth- Initial Consult ~125

Follow up $45/half hour


I am dedicated to equitable access for every family who wants evidence based education and support. I offer flexible payment options including barter/trade and payment plan options. You decide the terms of that payment plan or barter agreement. 

Prenatal, Birth and Infant Feeding Classes 

  • Classes are custom built to your budget/content preference                                                                           ~75/hr. 

  • Bundle classes include 8-10 hours (in sessions) and cover all of the below                                                      ~500

  • Prenatal-Birth Preparation 6hr: Includes self advocacy practices, evidence based decision making, informed choice, pain management, interventions, hospital practices, and more.  Tailored to meet your needs and goals. 

  • Infant Feeding Class 2hr: Evidence based lactation and infant feeding including breastfeeding basics, education for pumping and combination feeding, bottle feeding instruction and infant led weaning. 

  • Postpartum and Newborn care 2hr: Includes newborn care,  family centered safe infant sleep, postpartum recovery, postpartum depression, family planning, weaning, transition to daycare and more. Can be tailored to meet your needs and parenting style. 

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